Terms and Conditions

All sales, services and deliveries will be conducted exclusively according to the following sales and delivery conditions. Settlements deviating from these terms will not be accepted and will not form the basis for a contract. These general terms and conditions will apply as of 15 March 2015. The language of the contract is German.
Orders placed via the internet pages of Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH will be considered placed once the order reaches Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH.
With the consent of Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH orders can be cancelled in writing within a period of 14 working days. Costs arising from the cancellation must be borne by the buyer.
The prices agreed upon contain the VAT stipulated by law in Austria, but no shipping or other costs. Shipment will take place in the packaging usual in the trade. Export or import duties arising during shipment will also go to the expense of the buyer.
Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH endeavours to effect delivery promptly, but delivery dates are given without guarantee. Shipment of the goods will be made to the specified delivery address, but delays in delivery or increased costs caused by incorrect, incomplete or subsequently provided information will not be borne by Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH. Such additional costs must be met by the buyer. 
Payment will be effected online by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD). Until the purchase price and possible additional costs have been paid in full, the goods delivered will remain the property of Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH.
As soon as the shipment has been transferred to those carrying out transport or the books have left the warehouse for shipment, the risk moves to the buyer. Should Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH assume the costs of shipping, this will have no effect on the risk. Partial deliveries will be considered separate deliveries.
The publications of Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH are subject to copyright. Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH and its licensers possess all the rights. Any distribution, duplication or other use of the publications going beyond private exploitation is expressly prohibited to the buyer.
Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH guarantees that at the time of shipment the goods were free of damage or material defects. If there is a delivery defect, Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH is entitled to remedy the damage or make a compensation delivery, according to its own estimation. The buyer undertakes to return the goods correctly and in the original packaging to the address specified by Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH. Damage caused by incorrect packaging by the buyer will not be paid for by Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH.
Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH is entitled to ascertain and process all data concerning the buyer and relevant to the business connection in accordance with the provisions of the law on data protection. Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH undertakes not to pass on data received from the buyer to third parties. Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH will accept no liability for errors in data transmission.
Should individual provisions of the contract, including these terms, completely or partially lose their validity or should the contract evince an omission, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions or parts of these provisions. The invalid or missing provisions will be replaced by relevant ones.
The court of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the business connection will be Vienna. Verlag Geschichte & Kunst GmbH reserves the right also to take legal action at the general court of jurisdiction of the buyer. Austrian law shall apply.